Ford Scorpio (Granada Mk3 in the UK) was launched in 1985 as the successor of Granada . Mechanically the new model was similar to the older Granada, offering four- or six cylinder engines and loads of trim levels from the basic model up to the lavishly equipped Scorpio. On the outside it was a different story, a sleek hatchback, nothing like the old Granada. Mk3 was also the first standard production car with anti lock brakes as standard, rendering the Car of the Year title in 1985. The much-awaited saloon model came in 1990 along with a Cosworth tuned version av the trusty old 'Cologne' 2,9 litre V6 engine, producing almost 200 bhp. The estate saw the light of day in 1992, and in 1995 a massive retsyling and final name change to Scorpio even in the UK. No-one really liked the new looks and it died on the market. The last year it was produced was 1998, not being replaced by anything than the Mondeo getting a little larger. The era of large saloons by Opel/Vauxhall and Ford was over.

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