Volvo 140 was presented in 1966 and was in many ways a completely new car, though still designed by Jan Wilsgaard. It was much roomier, and a lot more modern than PV544 and 121 which still were in production. Engine wise it utilised the trusty B18-unit, a 1,8 litre four pot, but in other aspects the 142/144 was forwrad thinking with all-round disc brakes and safety taken well care of. A slightly longer, executive version, the Volvo 164was presented in 1968. In 1969 the engine was revised, enlarged to 2 litres, hence the B20 name. The looks of the 140 series was changed during the early 70's, with larger and more US legislation friendly bumpers made the crisp lines of the early cars got lost. In 1975 140 was succeeded by the 240-series which was built largely on the earlier model, and was going to be produced into the 90's.

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