Country of origin: Germany
Production years: 1950 -
Porsche was founded in Stuttgart in 1931 as a vehicle development consultant company by engineer Ferdinand Porsche . One of its first assignments came from the German regime and led to the development of the KDF-wagen, the German people's car which later on was to be produced as the Volkswagen Type 1, the "Beetle".  Porsche's first own car was the Porsche 64, of which three was made in 1939 from KDF-wagen parts. Porsche's first massproduced model was the 356 which was launched in 1948. The 356 was produced and developed up until 1965 when it was discontinued to make way for its successors, the six-cylinder 911 and its four-cylinder sibling, the 912 which were introduced in 1963. The 911 is still produced with the same basic layout, sporting a six-cylinder boxer rear engine. During the 70's Porsche started developing mid-engined cars (the 914) as well as conventional cars with front engine and rear wheel drive like the Porsche 924 and the V8 928. The 911 however, continued to be the model most people associated with the brand. During the early 2000's, Porsche launched a non sports car for the first time in the history of the company when the SUV Porsche Cayenne made its debut. Cayenne was built on the same platform as Volkswagen Touareg. During recent years, Porsche has expanded its model line-up to incorporate smaller SUV:s as well as a sports saloon, the Panamera


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