Country of origin: United Kingdom
Production years: 1969 -
Mini was introduced in 1959, and was an extremely forward thinking and modern car for its time, sporting front wheel drive and utilising every last inch of its modest dimensions. Mini, which from the start were marketed as Morris Mini-Minor and Austin Seven was constructed and designed by Alec Issigonis, and has become a 60's icon. Almost everyone can recognise a Mini in a car park, regardless of its brand name, which were many during the years, including all the special models like Riley Elf, Wolsely Hornet, as an estate car, panel van, pick-up and the odd "jeep" Austin Mini Moke. Do not forget the rally winnig Cooper and Cooper S-models. The Mk2 was introduced in 1967, distinguisable by its much larger rear lights. This body was to be produced largely unchanged until october 2000, when the last of the classic Minis rolled off the production line. Mini was from 1988 sold as Rover Mini, and Rover was owned by BMW from 1994. When BMW sold Rover in 2000 the brand Mini was kept, and an all new model, the first 'modern' Mini was launched in 2001. It has been a huge success as an up-market small car, although it is not nearly as nimble as its predecessor. During recent years, more models have been added to the line-up including the Mini Paceman, the Countryman and even a coupé.


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