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Country of origin: Japan
Production years: 1949 -
Honda was founded in the 1930s, as a workshop making parts as a subcontractor for Toyota, but soon developed into producing engines and motorcycles. Honda's first car, a small 360 cc delivery van was presented in 1963, and the first passenger car, the S500, a tiny open sports car in 1964. During the rest of the 60's and 70's Hondas line-up grew with models like Civic (where the first generation, launched in 1972 has become a cult classic, not least in North America) and the Accord. Honda has been in the forefront among the Japanese car companies, not only technically, presenting its hybrid car Insight in 1999 (roughly at the same time as Toyota Prius hit the showroom floors) but also in business. Honda was the first japanese car firm to form a dedicated up-market luxury brand, Acura in the US in 1986.


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