Ford Sierra was presented as 1982 års modell, and was a car styling bomb in the early 80's, boasting streamlined  design which had almost never been seen before. Sierra replaced the German Taunus as well as the British Cortina which now had the same name regardless of origin. Mechanically, Sierra was quite traditional, engine in front and rear wheel drive, albeit with independent rear suspension. The engine range was, as usual with Fords, from the small 1,3 litre 'Kent' engine up to a 2,8 (and later 2,9) litre 'Cologne' V6. In 1986 Sierra RS Cosworth was launched, boasting a turbocharged 2-litre four cylinder version of the trusty old 'Pinto'-engine, which had been used to propel every Ford model from Escort to Transit over the years. In this Cosworth tuned stage it produced 204, and later 224 bhp. The RS Cosworth has become legendary, a modern classic. Sierra was produced up until the launch of Mondeo in 1993.

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