Country of origin: Romania
Production years: 1968 -
The Romanian car company Dacia was founded by the communist party in 1966, and its first car a licensed version of the Renault 8 rolled off the assembly line in 1968. In 1969, the Dacia 1300, a licensed Renault 15 was presented. Dacia 1300 was to be produced until 2004, albeit modernised from time to time. Dacia also developed their own versions of the 1300, where one of the most known is the 1307, a crew cab pick-up. Dacias first in-house developed car, Dacia Nova, went on market in 1995.  Dacia was aquired by the Renault Group in 1999 and around 2004-2005 new models started to emerge. Among them the highly successful Dacia Logan, the SUV Duster and Lodgy. Dacia is today one of the best selling brands in Eastern  Europe and Russia. Dacia is also selling in large numbers on many other markets in Europe.


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