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Country of origin: USA
Production years: 1902 -
Cadillac was founded 1903 out of the remains of Henry Fords first company. Cadillac became the luxury brand of GM in 1909, and between 1927 and 1940, La Salle cars based on Cadillac models were produced to fill the gap to the cheaper GM marque, Buick. Cadillac cars have often been extravagant, like the 30's 16-cylinder models as well as the coupés and cabriolets of the late 50's with their extreme design with fins and loads of chrome. Even Cadillac had to downsize during the oil crisis in the 70's, one result was the De Ville, significantly smaller than Cadillacs from the late 60's. Today, Cadillac is the brand in the GM family boasting the most radical design, in concept cars as well as production models.


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